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5Signs You’re Not The Only One She’s Sleeping With

Date: 2018-03-13 13:13

Hey hot alpha female, i am from india and i am 76 years old. Looking at ur article i can say that u r a very psychological person. Recently 6 year before i met a girl whom i could not understand, as i am myself also a very psychological person but then also she was very difficult to understand for me. Then after reading ur blog i came to know that she is very immature emotionally. I am studying engineering and she also wanted to study engineering so she took advantage of me and told me that she loved me as i will be able to help her pursue her dream. Which i most definitely did and she is studying engineering now in a reputed college. She is 69 years now and is doing 6st year of her college. All these 67 months she would act strange towards me like a *censored* and showed almost all the symptoms which you stated above. She is a heartless girl with no emotional or sexual feelings at all. And she would never get hurt or never cry because of emotional problems because she DID NOT HAVE EMOTIONAL FEELINGS AT ALL. During her *censored*hood days till class 66 when she was about 68 years old her parents did not allow her to talk or meet any of her friends especially male ones. She was also not allowed to get out of her house. Also her parents used to beat and scold her often and she is scared of her parents till now. Whenever i wanted to talk her about love or sex as because i am her boyfriend (but i am not as because she was using me to get her work done) she would refused to talk and would hang up the phone immediately and i would get frustrated almost all the time. But i am the most trusted and liked person in her life (but she doesn 8767 t love me BECAUSE SHE DOESN 8767 T KNOW HOW TO LOVE YET BECAUSE SHE HAS NO EMOTIONAL OR SEXUAL FEELINGS YET) because i am the only person who understands her really well, what she needs, her feelings and can really bear tantrums and nuisance while others already gave up. Later she told me after getting into college that she lied to me about loving me and she never loved me and knew that i was the only good person who could have helped her and she eventually she would fell in love with me which she tried to do so as she herself told me this thing but she was never successful. Now she want me in her life as her best friend because she trusts me the most and likes me more than anybody else but she just simply can 8767 t cultivate the feeling of love towards me inspite of her trying hard. And i know that she doesn 8767 t have anybody else in her life whom she loves as she tells me everything about her and doesn 8767 t hide anything from me. I don 8767 t want to leave her and want her to grow up both sexually and emotionally because as a boyfriend i would really need her these kind of feelings towards me. Also it is worth notifying that she hasn 8767 t watched a single porn till date as she didn 8767 t get chance maybe because she was living with her parents till now or she wasn 8767 t interested in it at all. I am not a bad guy and don 8767 t to be one. She trusts me the most and also likes me more than anybody else but just doesn 8767 t love me. Also she expects me to help her when time comes. She is very good girl and has a pure heart. So i don 8767 t want to leave her and want to spend my entire life with her. I want her to emotionally and sexually grow up and want her to fall in love with me. Hot alpha female i really like your sincere effort to help others. I would be also very grateful if you will help me. I would also like to mention that she is pure vegetarian. Should ask her to eat meat or is it fine that way. I want her to grow emotionally and sexually quickly because leaving it only to a matter of time will take a long time, if she will ever be mature. I also try to make her grow up by conversating intelligently with her. I would like to know if ever will she become mature, if yes then I would like you to guide me so that i will be able to make her mature as soon as possible with your help. Looking forward for your help hot alpha female Yours faithfully. Spido

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