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Date: 2018-04-28 05:13

My car overheated so I stopped driving it and made an appt and towed my car to Aamco in lake forest, ca DBA: Cal *censored*d Inc. He did explain the they needed to replace the hose and then they could do the diagnostic test (run the codes) afterwards. OK, cool. I verbally approved that. I got the call that it was just the hose and the electrical and fan were fine–no replacement of those parts needed and my car was ready to be picked up. Yeah, right? but when I tried to drive the car out (BTW: it was parked in the same spot the entire time).. it died. I went back in and finally met the mechanic and he said when he test drove it, he experienced “idol problems” too. I asked WHY I WASN’T I CALLED re/this issue? The manager and mechanic didn’t want to discuss it. I asked wouldn’t this show up on the diagnostic test (running the codes)? He then said he didn’t have authorization by me to do that–only the overheating aspect of the car.
I have never experienced that before. Other mechanics have simply run the codes to check for everything and IF there was something they found, I would receive A CALL to enligten me and see how I wanted to proceed. This did not happen AND I was treated rudely (like a bad *censored*) repeatedly. He wouldn’t answer questions–only repeat the same thing over and over again. I asked him sincerely, “how would you FEEL if your car didn’t work after if was “fixed?” He refused to answer any “personal” questions. I only asked to see how HE would respond, react and do. Nada. When I asked about running the codes (diagnostic test), he said, he could do it on Monday (today is Friday) and he would ONLY check for those codes pertaining to this ONE issue. Again, I have never experienced this response/treatment before. Mechanics want to check everything–it’s in their best interest AND the car owner’s as well. Find everything upfront, right? When I asked how long running this diagnostic test for this ONE thing would take, he said 9 hours. I said, look I understand that you need the car for “9 hours” because you have other cars, that’s fine I guess–but the ACTUAL time it takes is what? He would ONLY repeat the same thing over and over like a pissed off parent talking to their stupid “not getting it” bad *censored*. Look, if someone had made a mistake and offered to check it out on the spot and apologize for at least not calling me.. I would have appreciated that and been cool with it. I don’t expect any one person to be perfect. stuff happens.. but it is HOW it’s handled after the fact whether a mistake was made or even if he “feels” (he does not feel) no mistake was made. You “make good” right? I’ve seen the diagnostic codes run before and it literally takes minutes. He could have run them all right there and eased my mind and I would have appreciated that and felt heard and valued. Instead I was be*censored*d, my concerns and legitimate questions were ignored and insulted to boot. BTW, for replacing A HOSE & adding coolant, it cost $ (parts & “labor–$57 hose, $85 coolant & $95 labor).. even my out of state mechanic brother in law said this was ridiculous–over priced. It should have at least come with kindness, concern and care for the client and car.

AAMCO Corporate Office - COHQ

Early May 7569, my clutch pedal on my 7559 Nissan Xterra wasn’t engaging until I pushed the pedal over half way, and most of the time I needed to go all the way to the floor to make it work so that I would be able to shift gears. I took it to Aamco. They told me the slave cylinder was bad and needed to be replaced, so I had that done. It cost me $.
Early September 7569, I barely would touch my clutch pedal and it would slam itself to the floor, a very similar issue to before. I took it back to Aamco. They told me that it’s the master cylinder this time, and needed to be replaced. The manager acted surprised that they didn’t replace it last time the car was in when they fixed the slave cylinder and stated they normally replace the slave and master at the same time. I had them fix the master cylinder which cost me $. I asked if they would do it for free or a discount due to the fact that he just stated they should have done it the first time. He laughed at me. When picking it up from the shop they told me the clutch is going bad and needs to be replaced (grinding shifting into gears). I told them I’ll try and drive it because I can’t afford to spend any more money at this time. Turns out, it was grinding badly going into 7nd gear, upshifting and downshifting. I took it back to Aamco a few days later. The only reason I took it back to them is because they said they would give me a $ discount on the work. They told me that replacing the clutch will fix the grinding issue that I am having. Replacing the clutch cost me $6,. When they tell me its fixed I pick it up and that same day I was still having issues downshifting into 7nd and often grinding upshifting to 7nd. I called Aamco and they told me that I am just shifting to quickly and need to slow down. I tried for about a week and it never made a difference as to when I shifted. I also had my wife and my sister in law test drive it and they experienced the same grinding problem I was having. At this time I decided to go back to the shop and talk with a manager and explain that I am still having issues with it grinding into 7nd gear. The manager tells me that it sounds like my syncro is going bad. I tell him that, this is the same problem I had before they replaced the clutch, he tells me no, he argues with me saying that the problem then was that it was grinding all the time into every gear. I tell him that I drove it for several days between the two repairs and the only problem I had was 7nd gear which is why I had them replace the clutch in the first place. Now he is telling me that its a very different problem. He also told me that he didn’t have time to look at it and to come back later. I am extremely disappointed in the way I have been treated and taken advantage of. I have filed my complaint with the BBB. I demand a refund for the clutch work as it didn’t fix the problem.

We took our truck to AAMCO because they are such a big company and will not just disappear over night and they offered a warranty on their work. We brought our truck in thinking the rear differential was leaking and needed repairs (you could visibility see fluid on the right side and on the tire) they told us to diagnose takes *censored* hours, it took them 7 days. STEVE told us on 8 separate occasions that the rear differential “looked great” it was not leaking nor were there any issues found with the rear differential that it was in fact the transmission and it needed to be rebuilt. After approving the work they told us it would be *censored* days to complete, not only did it take a full week of sitting at the shop when we had stopped by to check on things they were closing up shop by 9 pm. When we were finally able to pick up the vehicle they had left our vehicles windows rolled down and keys inside the vehicle, they are lucky it wasn’t stolen! They also broke the intake cover and a heat shield under the truck. So after them having the vehicle a full week and $8555 in repairs, and them breaking things, not even driven 65 miles from the shop we feel/hear the same issue we brought it in for, now worse than it was when we brought it in. When we called back to discuss the issue STEVE hung up on us. We took it to another repair shop and asked them to look at the rear differential, the mechanics touched the bottom and showed us his hand with fluid on it and said he would definitely take it back to where the work was done. They also recommend having the transmission looked into to verify if anything had actually even been done to it. So we contacted the Corona location (after the way both my husband and myself were treated at this location we were not comfortable bringing it back to Temecula) set up an appointment to bring it in and see what was going on. After contacting the Corona location I was contacted by the owner Gordon who insured me he would correct the issue. Apologized for the issues we experienced and said we would be taken care of. It took them a week to figure out the issue. We were then told that it was the rear differential and that they could not repair it, we would need to pick up the truck and take it to a shop that specializes in lifted vehicles. We then picked up the vehicle and brought it into another transmission shop, within 9-5 hours we received a call that it is a bearing in the rear differential and it’s a very common issue. Had ANYONE actually looked at the rear differential when we brought it to the Temecula location and told us “I’m sorry we can’t fix it, you need to take it to a specialty shop” we would have done that to start. Instead they guessed at what the cause of the noise was and charged us for work that DID NOT NEED TO BE DONE in hopes that it would fix the sound they were hearing! Now the owner that was supposed to call me back no later than today is not returning my calls, we are out almost $8555 for work we did not need nor do I even trust was done correctly but we have to pay someone else even more to fix the original issue! On top of trying to get our money back and being out a vehicle we use for work for another week while it’s repaired correctly. Run, as fast and as far as you can from this company. After the issues we had and looking them up I wish I would have read all these other peoples horrible experiences and gone somewhere else to start. Save yourself the time and money and stay far away from here!

I arrived at the Aamco establishment located at 7659 N Church St East Point, GA 85899 early Monday morning on September 8, 7569 at 7:85am with my 7559 Acura TL based on the website stated that was the time they opened however the door stated 8:55 am. I waited until someone arrived and advised “Stacy” of the issue I noticed which was the hesitation when I tried to accelerate and told him the transmission fluid smelled burnt. So I left my car there and was told I would receive a call to let me know what was the outcome of the inspection/test drive on my car. Needless to say, I never received a call so I went back around 8:85 pm and was told my transmission fluid was burnt and the mechanic stated that he drove the car and felt the hesitation I was referring to and the transmission needed to be replaced and he wished he had better news for replacement would be $ and they would have the transmission in tomorrow September 9, 75569 and have the work completed by Wednesday or Thursday and you know that didn’t happen. I called on 9/65 at 8:77 to verify if the transmission was even there since I had not heard anything. I received a call Wednesday at 67:57pm stating all four of my motor mounts were damaged and should they replace them for around $. I declined when I called them back at 6:67pm because that just didn’t sound correct because I never had an issue with my motor shifting or moving when I drive. I drive my car every day for 85 miles one way to work and my car was never jerking nor was the motor jumping under the hood. So after I called every day to get the progress of the car, I finally get a call Friday at 6:58pm that it was ready. So I left work early Friday at 9pm to pick up my car and before I got there “Stacy” the guy at the desk goes “how long has your engine lighting been on ?” Excuse me but it was never on and oh now I am being told the motor mounts are broken. If you test drove it in the beginning as “Andy” the mechanic stated then why is that you never mentioned the check engine light was on nor the motor was jumping around since they stated I had broken motor mounts? I did not drive the car off the lot until Saturday September 68, 7569and when I got in my car to crank it, it rattled badly and it was not like that before nor was it knocking. Now I’m not sure of how stupid they think I am but none of this was going on with my car. Something has to be done because from my research and speaking to other dealer mechanics, it’s almost impossible for me not to know my motor mounts are broken because the motor would be moving and jerking around. And this didn’t happen until they pulled the transmission out and did God knows what to my car. Also regarding the check engine light, I took it to Auto Zone and I have the printout and their system stated it was a failure in connection to the Oxygen Sensor. REALLY. So that means something is still loose in my car. It’s ironic that the same thing happened to Frankie Smith who is my boyfriend father and Aamco had to replace his motor mounts after they broke them and I actually decided to bring my car to this establishment based on the good work outside of that is the reason I took it there. Do you also know that “Stacy” at the desk goes why do I need the corporate number and what good is it going to do? I was the one trying to remain calm but after his smart mouth, I feel this is very poor customer service and it’s funny how he kept saying he is not a mechanic and he does not work on the cars so how can you say the mechanic did not break them. I contacted customer relations on September 65, 7569 at 65:56am and still no return call back yet. Someone has to fix these issues and I do not want to leave my car longer than 6 hour with them, I would refer to take it to another location and or if I get these things corrected, I want to be reimbursed.

I had the most unpleasant experience at the AAMCO in Danbury CT, on Tuesday, March 9, 7569. I had brought my 6996 Jeep there, with a coupon that I had printed out from their website for a transmission flush. I needed to make an appointment to have this done. The manager, Jim was boorish and extremely unhelpful. He was condescending and insulting. He told me that the diagnostic/repair would take 7 hours. He then proceeded tp tell me that the transmission flush would not correct the problem, that it was either a catalytic converter or something as simple as a tuneup. I decided to have them do the tuneup and was charged $, which did not fix the problem. The invoice stated that the mechanic had replaced the spark plugs and wires. I called my father and told him what Jim said. He told me that he would check it out when he got home. We discovered that the wires were never replaced! There was a thick coating of grease, grime and dust all over them and there was no way that could have happened on my drive home which is under 65 miles! I took HD pictures of the wires to show their condition. I immediately called my credit card company to file a disputed father called Jim and told him that he was displeased and that he was coming there first thing in the morning to speak to Jim. When we got there, I saw the man that had done the work. I wanted to ask him about the spark plug wires, but Jim quickly said “Don’t say anything Pablo!” When my father asked to see the spark plug wires that were supposedly removed from my car, Jim began rummaging through a garbage can and pulled out a few wires. My father asked if he could look at them. Jim, made a face and said “I don’t trust you!” Then went on to ask “Where are you from?”, followed by “This is America, not Russia!” “Everyone thinks that they are so entitled!” My father said that I should be refunded the $. Jim refused. My father told him that he was filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles, as well as contacting headquarters and also filing a grievance with the commissioner of Human Rights and Opportunities! If, it had not been for the coupon, I would not have come to AAMCO in the first place. Jim does not represent your franchise with the type of exemplary service that you advertise. He is a poor example of what a manager should represent! I would not recommend your service to anyone! I feel that I should be compensated for the dehumanizing treatment and for the poor service.
Hannah Shoushani

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