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Date: 2018-04-12 15:53

Oh the emotions.. When I was eleven I finally could choose two rabbits to call my own after years and years of begging. I already went to the pet shop three times a week for two months to see which two I 8767 d like to take home. I 8767 m not sure what made me to pick the two I picked but my rabbits where awesome. :) One was the most beautiful Dutch I 8767 ve ever seen which I called Stupsi (*stoopsee*) in german stupsen means to nudge . and she did that a LOT. :) She nudged me to tell me she was there when I brought her into the house to play (we had a big 8775 cage 8776 set outside in the garden), or when she was hungry and wanted some greens. She was a strong girl and loving and caring, always licking me and later even our old english sheepdog who is the biggest hairiest thing you 8767 ve ever seen! ^^
Flöckchen (an affectionate form of Floke means Flake because of the small white spot he had on his nose) was calmer. He was a bright brown lionhead who was quiet, smart and very friendly. He liked to lay down and just watch but did everything you told him. He could understand the words food and goodnight (he hopped into a small basket so we could bring him outside again). They were such good and well-behaved rabbits!
There was a time though when we thought it wasn 8767 t such a good idea to get we got them no one knew Flöckchen was actually a boy! A few days after we brought them home they started to behave really weird. And as the weeks went by a bit of fighting happened between those two. Just as we thought we would have to seperate them into different houses one evening my Dad went outside to bring them in to play and returned without the rabbits and pretty pale in the face. As we asked him what 8767 s wrong he just said we should come outside and look for ourselves. There in a tiny nest were tiny tiny baby rabbits so small and aww.. :)
In the following days we had Flöckchen caponised and divided the cage because we heard of the vet that male rabbits usually try to kill their *censored* ones. In the end nothing happened and as the *censored* bunnys got older we took them all together out to play, Flöckchen even showed them what to eat and where the litter tray was! :)
After they all found a nice and save home Stupsi gave birth once again. It was as surprising as the first birth because we had had Flöckchen caponised!
It 8767 s fun to see that all rabbits in both littermates all have a different personality. Some were really brave and jumped up and down couches and chairs, some were always hiding, some always sticking with their brothers and sisters eating.
As my mom said it wouldn 8767 t be right to give her away we kept one of the babies. She was named Schneewitchen or snowwhite as she looked exactly like Gum Drop as far as I can see from your pictures. She was white, had black ears, a black nose and mouth, black feet and tail and really had a personality combined of the ones of both of her parents.
After a few years Flöckchen and Schneewitchen had died. We suspected the RHD but the vet wouldn 8767 t say if it was true. We looked for a rabbit to keep our strong Stupsi company and found a black one we called Sponge in a shelter. He was fun even though a bit strange. Ate a LOT, slept a lot, didn 8767 t bother about anything. Jumped up on the couch and nudged partly even violently to get petted. Then wanted the whole couch for himself. He was too old to teach him good manners. God knows what happened to him in his previous home.
I loved every single one of my *censored* rabbits.

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