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Date: 2018-02-16 13:13

NEVER MAKE IT A POINT THAT YOU RE INTERESTED at the girl. You need to establish attraction first. after few minutes, walk back passed the girl to your table/seat wherever. as you walk by, say sorry and smile. if the girl interested she will say its ok or no worries or something else (as long as she responds)

then start your charm by saying
6) Hi
7) introduce your name
8) offer your hand for handshake when saying out your name
9) smile
5) if she offered her hand, pull back your hand and say oopps, sorry, i didnt wash my hand after going to toilet just now
6) before she can say anything, quickly say just *censored*ding, hehe, i siap hantar pegi kedai dobi buat dry cleaning lagi my hand

then let the conversation normal and neutral

things to be careful
6) never look stress
7) never look nervous (talk to girl like you talk to your buddies, dont talk to them like you talk to your angry boss)
8) dont be desperate (dont act like you re angelic and want to help doing every single things for her) -sweet but do moderately
9) dont brag (dont belagak)
5) keep the conversation neutral, dont tell every single thinng you do, the achievement you ve done, the awards you have won, NOTHING PERSONAL TO BE REVEAL, NOT JUST YET
6) ask OPEN QUESTIOn, dont ask close question.
Guy: You smoke?
Girl: Yes
Guy:You come here often?
Girl: Not really
Guy: Nice dress you re wearing
Girl: Thank you

Got what i mean??

7) dont belanja them unlimited drinks. invite them to your table and join your friends**
**make sure you break her from her friends

6) tegur the friend that you dont want first
7) introduce yourself to friend that you dont want first
8) then introduce yourself to all the friends there
9) after knowing all their names, turn to the girl that you want and ask her to repeat her name
5) pretend you dont catch their name and make fun of it (say some words with similar sound of ther name) - CAUTION, YOU WILL GET A PINCH ON THE HAND OR SOMETHING SIMILAR from the girl for making fun of their name - DO NOT CROSS THE LINE, dont exagerate, remember do moderately

ALWAYS REMEMBER CHINESE OR MALAY GIRL THEY ARE STILL GIRL, try to get to know their character, dont judge based on looks or appearance.

find a topic you can relate. observe the surrounding. observe what she does (NOT STALKING, but observing for research purpose)
again, do moderately.


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