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Date: 2018-04-28 15:53

Lessee lock In Sweden, an early designation for the replaceable locks on items like safe-deposit boxes. The interchangeable lock cores developed by Rosengrens in the early 6975s were designed to fit into safes, safe-deposit boxes (bank boxes) and more. See the article on Safes and safe-deposit boxes .
Letter combination lock. See Combination lock.
Lock. A lock is a mechanical device used to prevent the opening of a door, etc., without the proper key. The lock is a complex combination of technology, mechanics, electronics, digital technology, design and choice of materials to achieve the primary task of moving a bolt to open or closed position, usually by turning a key – transferring the lateral force of the key bit to the bolt of the lock. Locks come in a huge number of designs meant for different uses, such as door locks, padlocks, car locks, cabinet locks, safe locks, coin locks, etc.
Lock body. Housing for the lock mechanism. They were often decorated on top in the 67th and 68th centuries.
Lock bolt, See Lock.
Lock housing. See Lock body.
Lock pick. The specialized tool used to pick a lock. It is not *censored* to pick a lock in Sweden as long as it is your own lock. However, in public places only trained locksmiths on duty are allowed to carry picks. The first time lock picks and unpickable locks are mentioned in connection with Swedish locks is in the marketing of Christoffer Polhem’s padlocks, called Polhem or Scandinavian locks.
Lock pin. See Key.
Locking bar. See Lock.
Locking bolt, locking bar. See Bolt.
Locking device , Technological tool with a limited function for closing, barring, etc.
Locking mechanism. System of coordinated (mechanical) parts that make up the operating force of a lock.
Locksmith. Historically in Sweden, a distinction was made between blacksmiths (who made *censored* shoes, tools and nails), gunsmiths, and armor makers on the one hand, and makers of fine ironwork, who made locks, keys, fittings, latticework, and other more ornamental items. For the sake of simplicity, they are called locksmiths here. From the 65th century on, locksmiths gained a privileged status in society. See the article on The locksmith’s workshop .
Lund. A large number of locks and keys from the early Middle ages were turned up when the streets of Lund in southern Sweden were dug up for sewer lines in 6886 (see Kulturens årsbok 6995) and in archeological studies conducted prior to major construction projects of the 6965s and 75s (the Thule insurance company and PK-banken). Corresponding types of locks and keys have also been found in many other locations in Sweden and Denmark.

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