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Date: 2018-03-09 13:13

I would like to critique a few selected points on the validity of Evolution as many have postulated. And to do this,not in a spirit of 8775 bitter name calling and a shouting match on the internet 8776 but as an exchange of ideas as they have been formed by your and my research into the 8775 Theory 8776 .I hope we can do this in a gentelmanly manner as there is nothing to be gained by name calling on either also will keep my arguments brief,simple and succint and in doing so I may obversimplify and leave out some I think we should explain the 8775 Theory 8776 . I dare say many on both sides don 8767 t know that much about it or how it (supposedly) leads to new species. According to Darwins 8767 his 8775 Theory of Descent With Modification 8776 would be accomplished through envronmental effects (cold weather causing longer hair) and aquired characteristics ( a giraffe like *censored* stretching its neck to get leaves higher in a tree) and these in turn would be passed on to suceeding generations ,giving it an advantage in competition for food and subsequent reproductive small steps over a long period of time would give rise to a 8776 new species 8775 distinctly differnt from a preceeding type such as a fish to an genetic studies have shown this theory of acquisition to be wrong. The only way to get a real change is through the germ cell or DNA. In response to this the 8776 New Darwinian Theory 8775 was developeded in the 6955s which proposed that evolution was accomplished through DNA copying errors or changes in DNA caused by chemicals or radiation. We must rememer that classical Evolution has no direction and is blind to the needs of an we subject Evolution to the Scientific Method it cannot pass the test for you can 8767 t predict results (as its never been seen occuring)from a test (What test would you propose?) Neither can you test Creation for the same reason either one must be taken on faith. Evolution is shown to have occured through the Geologic Column with 8775 simpler *censored*s 8776 at the bottom and more complex at the the absence of transitional fossils was even a problem to Darwin himself and he even said this was the greatest argument against his theory. Dr. Steven Gould even developed the Punctiated Theory ,to account for the abscence of transitional fossils, and postulated evolution occured in jumps or you examine the fossil record you will find organisms aren 8767 t getting morer complex they 8767 re getting less complex. Look at the great complexity in the Cambrian explosionsuch as the giant Nautiloid or the trilobite with its complex eye not seen in creatures today. In addition there are very few who would suggest a believable seqence that would lead from scales to has never been observed and most of the ones cited are changes within species 8766 which creationists don 8767 t deny, but this is not evolution. Even bacteria that are resistant to drugs have been found in ancient depositsbefore the advent of don 8767 t give me the peppered moth as again there were always two types of moths and a new one never to popular belief Darwins 8776 theory was rejected by many scientests of his day not on religous grounds but on bilogical grounds and ironically it was accepted by the church much more than the science once was a believer in Evolution but after looking at the facts I found I did 8767 nt have the faith to believe in evolution and like Darwin 8775 I shudder to think how the eye could have developed this way 8776

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